Given Fashionista’s propensity towards shopping in all its many forms,  she was unsurprised to learn that the latest industry research suggests that there is a huge appetite for buying luxury goods via mobile devices.

A survey conducted by consultancy company CoSkill (as reported in Drapers ) found that 81% of respondents would shop for luxury goods via a mobile app if this service was available to them. When asked the same question with respect to generic goods only 67% of respondents thought they would use a mobile app.

Given these results, Fashionista is troubled to find that so many luxury brands have no m-commerce offering at all (and trust us, we’ve looked!). Opinions will differ as to why any leading brand would opt to miss out on such a potentially lucrative opportunity. CoSkill points out that high-end fashion brands tend to value their opulent in-store shopping experience, calling it “part of their DNA”. Although some houses may be concerned about “diluting the brand” with a mobile commerce option, Fashionista wonders whether some luxury brands are just slower to adapt to this new form of commerce than their high street counterparts?

Fashionista notes that existing m-commerce technologies can be utilised cleverly by fashion houses so that customers still get that VIP experience. Immediately following Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2011 show iPads were distributed to customers so that they could browse and purchase many of the items they’d just seen via a custom-built app. These customers were to receive their items several months before the rest of the collection would be available online and in retail stores. Diane Von Furstenberg’s iPhone offering makes some items from her collection available exclusively via the app. Designer outlet THE OUTNET has even managed to add a social twist to m-commerce by allowing users to share looks with their friends via their “StyleCred” app.

Time will tell as to whether we see an increase in m-commerce activity at the highest end of the fashion ladder; these results show that it could certainly be worthwhile. As CoSkill point out typically high net worth customers tend to be those who are on the move more often with increased demands on their time.

As much as Fashionista loves nothing better than hitting the shops with her girlfriends, with less time on her hands, fashion on the move would be very handy indeed for this busy Fashionista!

By: Sarah Wright
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  1. Sarah Wright
    Posted 23/11/2011 at 8:58 pm | Permalink

    Drapers reported today (23.11.2011) that “Premium retailer Jaeger is targeting an 80% increase in mobile sales with the launch of its new mobile-optimised transactional site”. It would appear that another UK brand is looking to m-commerce as the channel to deliver growth.

  2. Jill Pollock Jill Pollock
    Posted 05/12/2011 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

    A study by KPMG (as reported by the BBC on 5/12/11) suggests that UK shoppers are embracing technology at a faster pace than many other countries. Seventy-seven per cent of British shoppers prefer to buy goods like CDs, DVDs, books and video games online – compared with 65% globally.

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